Due to very high humidity inside the culture vessel and artificial conditions of development, the plantlets are tender and are therefore are not ready for coping up with the filed conditions. The plants removed from the sterile medium are washed and are maintained under intermittent mist or are covered with clean transparent plastic. After 10 to 15 days under high humidity, the plants are transferred to green house and maintained for another 4 to 6 weeks. They are then ready to be transferred to net house or the field. Normally, the tissue culture plants are sold either as ex-agar plants or hardened plants from the green house.
 Ex-agar plants

Depending on the parameters such as location/the site of planting, soil quality and the climatic conditions defined by the customer, the ex-agar plant for sale could be in vitro rooted plants or only the shoots. When the tissue culture plants are sold at this stage, the plants are washed in sterilized water to remove the agar medium. The plants after being removed from nutrient media should preferably be transplanted within 72 hours.
 Shadenet/Green House Room
The plants are transferred to net pots! pro tray for acclimatization after they fully develop shoots and roots in the bottles. The rooted plantlets are transferred to pots filled with suitable substrate and are watered. This operation is carried out on an open bench. These pots are then transferred to the green house for 4 to 6 weeks. During this process, they are given fertilizers and treated like plantlets obtained by any other means of propagation. After the plants are acclimatized fully, they are transferred to poly-bags. At this stage the plants are completely hardened and are ready to be planted in the field for cultivation. Hardening units can be set up in sites away from the micro propagation unit.
  We have 20,000 Sq. Mts of Shade House area for the secondary hardening as well rowing of various kinds of plants under insect free conditions.
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